OPTIMADE Providers Index Meta-Database

The list of providers is published as an OPTIMADE Index Meta-Database here: https://providers.optimade.org/

You can obtain the list of providers in a machine-readable format following the OPTIMADE specification for Index Meta-Databases by using the following URL:

where v1 is currently the latest version and can be replaced with any major version name of the OPTIMADE specification.

For convenience, you can also access the most recent list of providers in the format mandated by the latest version of the OPTIMADE specification directly at this URL:

Additionally, there is a providers dashboard that includes the results of validation of listed implementations. This can be accessed at the following URL:

You can contribute a new provider or amend the current information by creating a pull request to the providers repository.

Repository organization

The OPTIMADE providers repository is hosted here: https://github.com/Materials-Consortia/providers

The repository is organized this way:

Presently, only the v1 version of the formats exist. Hence, to update the list of providers, file a pull-request against the repository to edit /src/links/v1/providers.json.

Requirements to be listed in this providers list

It is a policy of this providers list (providers.optimade.org) that links inside providers.json must be links to an OPTIMADE Index Meta-Database.

If you only have one or few databases in your implementation, and you do not want to host an Index Meta-Database yourself, you can host the Index Meta-Database directly in this repository. You can find instructions here.

Fork this repository to set up an index meta-database for your own databases